Supporting Loved Ones in ICU: A Guide for Relatives – Dr. Rahul Desai


Supporting Loved Ones in ICU: A Guide for Relatives

*1. Maintain a Calm and Positive Atmosphere*

– Stay composed and hopeful to provide psychological comfort to the patient.

– Patients can sense the emotions of their loved ones, so maintaining a positive demeanor is crucial.

*2. Communicate Effectively with Medical Staff*

– Understand the treatment plan and ask questions when needed.

– Provide accurate medical history and be available for discussions with doctors and nurses.

*3. Follow Medical Instructions Diligently*

– Adhere strictly to the guidelines given by the medical team.

– Ensure that prescribed medicines and necessary supplies are delivered on time.

*4. Keep the Patient’s Surroundings Clean*

– Regularly clean the area around the patient to prevent infections.

– Simple hygiene practices can contribute significantly to the patient’s recovery.

*5. Take Care of Yourself*

– Ensure you get adequate rest and seek support when needed.

– Staying strong and resilient helps you provide better care for your loved one.

*Conclusion: A Partnership for Healing*

– Relatives and doctors must work together to create a healing environment.

– Celebrating the dedication of doctors and the strength of families is crucial for the patient’s recovery.

–  By Dr. Rahul Desai, MBBS, MD, Fellowship in Critical Care

Lakeview Hospital

18 years of experience in treating serious patients

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