On Eve of Eid-ul-Adha Bakri Eid….. By Shahid Memon

Today is Eid ul Adha (festival of sacrifice) celebrated in commemoration of prophet Abraham’s memory.
Muslims, Christians, and Jews believe in him as a great prophet and messenger of God.
 In fact his entire life is a model to the whole of humanity. A life of total submission to God even in the most trying times.
His message of One God One Humanity and his teaching of complete submission and surrender to God in all aspects of our life is the need of the hour and the panacea for all the ills humanity is facing today.The most beautiful aspect is that most of the religions talk of surrender to God Almighty.
” Surrender exclusively to God with your whole being “(Bhagwad Geeta 18:62 )
” Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up ” ( BibleJames 4:10 )
” Say surely my prayer and all my acts of worship and my living and my dying are for God alone, the Lord of the universe. He has no associates.Thus have I been commanded and I am the foremost of those who submit themselves to God.”( Quran 6: 162-163 )
The very word ISLAM comes from the Arabic word Silm (surrender) and Salam (peace) meaning peace through submission and surrender to God.
Religion in fact stands for harmonization of Human will with the Divine will.
In fact the cobwebs of adulteration and corruption that has crept into religion over a period of time needs to be removed.The true spirit and essence of religion should be revived and resurrected . This alone will help us to face the present crisis as well as the post Corona challenges together.

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Belagavi COVID-19 Report - 15/08/2020

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