Lifestyle after Cardiac Bypass surgery (CABG) & Coronary Angioplasty


By Dr Shashikant Kulgod :

Can one pursue sports, running & other fitness activities if you had a Cardiac surgery in past?

Let’s ask Mr Venkatraman P, the promoter of YOUTOOCANRUN.  Is he the right person to answer this question ?

Venkat has a family history of Cardiac disease. He himself has undergone Bypass surgery on his Heart.

Just a few months after his surgery, he started training to run Marathons again. Ofcourse, under the guidance of his Cardiologist Dr Contractor, Mumbai who also advises his patients to pursue active Lifestyle.

Presently, Venkat trains a large group of people who have had CABG or Cardiac Angioplasty in the past, to run and participate in Marathon events. This group is called ZIPPER CLUB. So named as these members have a long scar on the middle of their chest which resembles a ZIPPER.

As long as the Heart muscle was not damaged due to heart disease and someone has undergone procedure to improve blood circulation to the Heart, one is in much better condition to pursue active lifestyle, says Venkat.

If you have the Discipline to train gradually and follow healthy lifestyle, running is one of the best exercises to keep the Heart healthy and also to improve circulation through development of Collaterals.

Training under the guidance of a knowledgeable trainer and your Cardiologist is essential to lead a new FIT life of Health and Happiness. Don’t let the label of Heart Patient restrict you to lead a Sedentary life.

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