Unveiling Liver Vitality: A Journey Towards Health on World Liver Day 2024


On the occasion of World Liver Day, which is observed on April 19 every year, Chief of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Dr Varadraj Gokak  and Dr Ganesh Koppad, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist from the Arihant Hospital, Belagavi have urged Goans to take care of their liver, one of the most vital organs in our body.

As the world prepares for World Liver Day 2024, Dr Varadraj Gokak and team are at the forefront of raising awareness about liver health. This day serves as a global reminder of the critical importance of liver health, aiming to educate individuals about liver-related diseases, risk factors, and preventive measures.

The liver diseases continue to be a significant global health concern. Factors such as poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, viral infections, and sedentary lifestyles contribute to the rise in liver-related ailments.

“ The good news is that many liver diseases are preventable and treatable with early intervention and lifestyle modifications. By adopting a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and avoiding harmful substances, we can protect our liver and promote overall health, “ Dr Gokak said.

“Every year April 19th marks World Liver Day, a global initiative to raise awareness about liver-related diseases. In India, liver-related ailments rank among the leading causes of mortality. This year’s theme, “Be Vigilant,” underscores the importance of regular liver check-ups, as fatty liver can affect individuals of any age. To maintain a healthy liver, adopt a balanced diet, avoid junk food and excessive fatty meals, refrain from alcohol and smoking, and engage in daily exercise,” Dr Gokak said.

The liver is an incredible organ, often overlooked but absolutely essential for our well-being. It performs over 500 functions in the body, including filtering toxins, metabolizing nutrients, and producing essential proteins, Dr Koppad ascertained.

Regular check-ups and screenings are also crucial for early detection and management of liver diseases. It’s essential for individuals to prioritize their liver health and be proactive in seeking medical attention when needed, Dr Koppad said.

Additionally, ensuring complete vaccinations, including hepatitis B, is crucial for liver health. Managing sugar levels, weight, and hypertension while undergoing regular liver check-ups further contributes to overall liver wellness, Dr Gokak said.

Dr  Gokak emphasized the liver’s resilience and vital functions in detoxification, metabolism, and immune response, warning against neglecting liver health due to its potential serious consequences, including hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and cirrhosis.

Dr Koppad stressed about the significance of community engagement in combating liver diseases, advocating for healthy lifestyle choices, and supporting liver wellness initiatives to make a tangible difference in communities worldwide.

“  Together, let’s prioritize liver health, empower individuals with knowledge, and foster proactive liver wellness, ensuring a healthier future for generations to come,” Dr Gokak and Dr Koppad appealed.

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Photo : Dr Varadraj Gokak and Dr Ganesh Koppad

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